3T Magnetom Skyra (MRI)

MRI is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. (If your doctor has sent you for an MRA [Magnetic Resonance Angiography], this is also a kind of MRI.) MRI is an advanced technology that lets your doctor see internal organs, blood vessels, muscles, joints, tumors, areas of infection, and more — without x-rays, surgery, or pain. MRI is very safe; in fact, it makes use of natural forces and has no known harmful effects. It’s important to know that MRI will not expose you to any radiation

3T MRI Special Studies

MR SUSCEPTIBILITY WEIGHTED IMAGING- to asses micro bleeds and traumatic diffuse axonal injury.
MRI Brain perfusion without contrast [ 3D ASL For early stroke detection].
MRI Dynamic contrast perfusion for tumor diagnosis and to tumor detection recurrence.
MR Tractography / Diffusion tensor imaging ( DTI) [For evaluation of motor neuron disease, periventricular leucomalacia, head and spine injuries and SOL].
MRI CSF flow study—for normal pressure hydrocephalus.
MR Cisternogram (For CSF rhinorrhoea).
Functional MRI Brain —To asses brain function areas for tumor surgery.
MRI neurogram – for cranial nerves, brachial plexopathy , lumbar plexopathy, peripheral neuropathy ).
MR Myelogram [without contrast].
MRI Renal angio and peripheral angio without IV contrast (NATIVE).
MRI Whole body scan including whole body diffusion [for cancer screening].
MRI Carotid angiov.
MR Aortic angio.
MRI Brain angio.
MRI Urogram [without contrast].
MRI Sialogram [without contrast].
Magnetic resonance cholangio pancreatography [MRCP].
MR Colonography – Enterography for small bowel pathology.
Fetal MRI.
MR Cardiac viability study.
MR mammogram with dedicated 16 channel breast coil with breast spectroscopy.
Endorectal coil MRI for prostate cancer.
MR Spectroscopy [2D, 3D] [Brain, breast and prostate].
MR Arthrogram — for shoulder, Hip.
MR Cartilage impaling [MAPLT] — for knee joint osteoarthritis changes.