3T Magnetom Skyra (MRI)

MRI is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. (If your doctor has sent you for an MRA [Magnetic Resonance Angiography], this is also a kind of MRI.) MRI is an advanced technology that lets your doctor see internal organs, blood vessels, muscles, joints, tumors, areas of infection, and more — without x-rays, surgery, or pain. MRI is very safe; in fact, it makes use of natural forces and has no known harmful effects. It’s important to know that MRI will not expose you to any radiation.

MR SUSCEPTIBILITY WEIGHTED IMAGING- to asses micro bleeds and traumatic diffuse axonal injury.
MRI Brain perfusion without contrast [ 3D ASL For early stroke detection].
MRI Dynamic contrast perfusion for tumor diagnosis and to tumor detection recurrence.
MR Tractography / Diffusion tensor imaging ( DTI) [For evaluation of motor neuron disease, periventricular leucomalacia, head and spine injuries and SOL].
MRI CSF flow study—for normal pressure hydrocephalus.
MR Cisternogram (For CSF rhinorrhoea).
Functional MRI Brain —To asses brain function areas for tumor surgery.
MRI neurogram – for cranial nerves, brachial plexopathy , lumbar plexopathy, peripheral neuropathy ).
MR Myelogram [without contrast].
MRI Renal angio and peripheral angio without IV contrast (NATIVE).
MRI Whole body scan including whole body diffusion [for cancer screening].
MRI Carotid angiov.
MR Aortic angio.
MRI Brain angio.
MRI Urogram [without contrast].
MRI Sialogram [without contrast].
Magnetic resonance cholangio pancreatography [MRCP].
MR Colonography – Enterography for small bowel pathology.
Fetal MRI.
MR Cardiac viability study.
MR mammogram with dedicated 16 channel breast coil with breast spectroscopy.
Endorectal coil MRI for prostate cancer.
MR Spectroscopy [2D, 3D] [Brain, breast and prostate].
MR Arthrogram — for shoulder, Hip.
MR Cartilage impaling [MAPLT] — for knee joint osteoarthritis changes.

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